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  • Alex Monzó, graphic designer in Valencia, Spain
    Cerveza Brandsummit 9 aniversario
    Concept, design and art direction for Brandsummit's "Nueve" anniversary beer.

    Nueve beer

    Eller branding - por Alex Monzó
    Branding for Eller, a vascular clinic that took advantage of the dynamism of water to give life to its graphic identity.

    Eller clinic

    Revelum design - ham jamon packaging
    Brand and packaging design for Revelum, a knife-cut ham dipped in vegetable oil.


    Graphic designer in Valencia, Spain. Specialized in branding, logotypes, corporate identity and packaging.

    Goozi Goozi branding
    Branding, logo and packaging design for Goozi Goozi, a new beverage brand for the Chinese market.

    Goozi Goozi

    Diseño del calendario Etygraf 40 aniversario
    Design and illustration of a calendar to celebrate Etygraf's 40th anniversary.


    A work based on the creation of concepts and narratives, through which I develop brands with soul and packaging with meaning.

    la serp - branding por Alex Monzó
    Brand identity design for La Serp, a brand of handmade, local and sustainable earrings and accessories.

    La Serp

    Alex Monzo - branding por Alex Monzó
    Concept, naming and branding for Teuladí, a takeaway restaurant in Madrid with a Valencian soul.


    Pops Bops branding - por Alex Monzó
    Branding, naming and packaging design for Pops'n Bops ice cream parlor.

    Pops’n Bops

    Areste Teixido - diseño de aceite de oliva
    Logo and packaging design for the olive oil of the Aresté Teixidó family, with more than 100 years of tradition.

    Aresté Teixidó

    Ricard Camarena branding - por Alex Monzó
    Logo design, concept and visual identity for Ricard Camarena's restaurant, awarded with two Michelin stars.

    Ricard Camarena Restaurant

    Lopez anchoas branding - por Alex Monzó
    Logo, brand and packaging for López anchovies, one of the best quality anchovies in Spain.

    López anchovies

    La Finesse truffles branding - por Alex Monzó
    Logo, branding and packaging design for La Finesse truffles, with the mountains of Teruel as concept.

    La Finesse truffles

    Letern packaging - por Alex Monzó
    Logo and packaging design for Letern, a gourmet product created by chef Ricard Camarena.

    Letern by Camarena

    naipes diseño de etiqueta de vino - por Alex Monzó
    Label design and illustrations for Naipes, a family of wines based on Spanish card games.

    Naipes wines

    Grau crossfit - rebranding por Alex Monzó
    Logo, branding and custom apparel for Grau Unit, a CrossFit gym located in Valencia.

    Grau Unit

    Crema de cassalla cervero
    Illustration and packaging design for Cassalla Cerveró, an anise cream from Valencia, Spain.

    Cerveró anise cream

    duque de arcas diseño de etiqueta de vino - por Alex Monzó
    Label concept and design for Duque de Arcas wine. A design with a hidden message on the label.

    Duque de Arcas wine

    Brandsummit branding - por Alex Monzó
    Rebranding for the 5th anniversary of Brandsummit.